Valentina Downey

Downey is the president of the ADI Emilia Romagna, and co-author of the book “the Jury of Design”.

Valentina Downey operates in the Strategic Design sector in Europe and Asia. Downey has had many significant professional training experiences in the UK, thanks to her dual Anglo-Saxon and Italian culture and education. She has significant experience working with SMEs in specialized technical sectors. Training expert in innovation design and design thinking for companies, associations, and universities. While serving as President of ADI Emilia Romagna, Downey was an assistant at Domus Academy. She subsequently worked as a professor at the University of Sapienza of Rome, the European Institute of Design in Madrid, the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, and currently instructs the Master of Innovation Design at the University of Ferrara and the Design degree at the LABA of Trento.

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